Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay I almost hate to start a post like this because I don't want people to think "ya right". But at the same time I want to be held accountable. On my quest to become healthier (I've lost 23 lbs so far), I have decided I want to join Nick, and start running. We've been going to the YMCA since May, and I walk on the tredmil and do the eliptical. But we have this nice new walking trail around the corner from our house now, that I want to start running on. It's going to cool down soon (I hope), so now's the perfect time. I did a tiny bit last week and I did just fine. So my first goal is to simple run 1 mile. Sounds easy enough don't ya think? So wish me luck, I could use all the support I can get.


Sage is taking french lessons. Today was her second class, and boy is it fun. At the beginning of class we "fly" to France, and from that point on the teacher only speaks in French. We (the mommy's and kids) just repeat what she says. Today we learned the color orange, our shapes, walked, ran, danced around a circle, sang "Head and Shoulders Knees, and toes", went on a Safari hunt, and took pictures of animals. She starts each class with a prayer (in French). Sage has a wonderful time and I think she's learning something at the same time. :) At the end of class we "Fly" back to the US, and then have an art project and play with playdoh. It's very well done. I am glad we signed up.

Our prayer:
Marci, mon Dieu
Pour aujourd'hui
Pour ma famille,
Et mes amis
Au nom du Jesus Christ,

Au revoir

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Awe moments

Capri fell asleep in Daddy during church on Sunday.........awe
There is nothing better than getting these sweet notes from Avery........awe

Be warned icky picture coming next.......

Okay a totally different type of "Awe" but I am fasinated by web spiders. This is a Banana spider that made a web outside our screenroom last week. I am scared of spiders when they are in my house, but when they are in "nature" I just find them trully amazing. Why do we have of the many questions I will ask God in heaven someday.


We went Camping last weekend at Myakka River State Park near Sarasota. I have been wanting to go camping for awhile and Nick has been wanting to run a 5K and he found a run at the park so it worked out great! The girls had a wonderful time. We say a family of deer a couple of times, and a wild pig wondered around our campsite. Capri was amazing. She fell asleep in the sling on Friday night and I layed her in the pack-n-play next to our bed (we have a pop-up) and she didn't make a peep all night. Avery and Sage had a little bit of a hard time falling asleep, they were just too excited, but once they were asleep they slept great. We will be going camping again soon. :)
Sage making S'mores with daddy

Capri hanging out in her sling

Avery making S'mores. The smoke made the pictures blurry.

The baby deer The mother pig. She had two babies with her but I never got a good shot of them.
Avery hanging out by the camper.
Avery and daddy on a morning walk. Sage refused to be in pictures

Capri in her'll notice a pattern. :)
On a "Canopy" walk. It was a bridge suspened up high in the trees......very cool.

After the Canopy Trail we walked up a 74 fl tower. This was the views.
The girls looking through the telescope with daddy.
A view of the tower and the canopy trail about half way up
That's the 74 fl tower
On another "bird watching" trail. The girls were getting
Notice the She was asleep in this picture
Nick before his 5K run

YEA!!! Finishing the race. He came in 14th overall, and the first in his age group. He ran in 21 minutes and 40ish seconds.
Sage and Capri fell asleep in the bike trailer on one of our rides. Avery road her bike the whole time.......several miles. She does really well on a bike, I should have taken her picture.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been awhile

I have made a new post in awhile. It's been a bit crazy around our house. Nothing too exciting just daily life with 3 busy kids. :) Avery is now in dance on Monday nights and Girl Scouts twice a month on Thursday night. Sage is starting a French for kids class tomorrow morning, and does gymnastics on Wed night. Both girls have Awana on Wed night. So add in small group, church, school meetings, and going to the gym in that and you stay pretty busy.

We went camping this weekend and had a great time. I will post pictures soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm so happy

We got a call tonight from Avery's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Smith. We talked for about 25 minutes. The short story is that Avery is smart. They don't do testing in kindergarten for giftedness but if they did they would test her. She is reading at a first grade level, and was tested in math this morning (I don't know those results yet). Basically the teacher just said she was doing everything above "normal" kindergarten level. I'm a proud mommy. :)