Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A month later......

It's been a month since I've posted on my blog. We have been busy! We moved into our rental house.....slowly. We moved all the stuff we needed to live with all at once, and then moved the rest of it over the next few weeks. We now have everything.
We were suppose to close last week, but it didn't happen due to a paperwork error. So we are now waiting to find out when we will close for sure.

We love living in our rental house. We live next door to Avery's best friend, and a friend of mine. The girls spend a lot of time playing outside, and I have enjoyed having a friend to talk to while we watch out kids play. The dad is the youth minister at the presbyterian (sp? I'm too lazy to look it up), church. So we parent a lot alike and have the same values. That's so very nice!

Our 95lb black lab is now pretty much an inside dog. He does stay in our yard when we are gone, which is amazing. But he spends a lot of time, inluding nights, in the house. He loves it, and I don't mind, but there is dog hair EVERYWHERE!!!

We live on the water, which is beautiful, and have a great view of Bok Tower (where Nick works), but the 1100 sq ft is already feeling small. :) We are looking forward to the move to the "new" house whenever that may be.

Here is the view from the back porch.....